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Club Ownership

Limited Availability for a Fortunate Few

Love The Reefs? Join The Club!

The Reefs Resort and Club offers oceanfront living on the most beautiful beach in Bermuda with full access to our acclaimed restaurants, spa, world-class services, and amenities. Perched on a limestone cliff adjoining our resort, The Reefs Club is an enclave of 19 elegantly furnished two- and three-bedroom residences available to buy, sell, and will as part of a family legacy.

When you become an owner at The Reefs Club, you receive a 1/10th undivided, deeded interest in your condominium, as well as access to all residences within your category.

For more information about the very limited availability of ownerships, complete and submit the inquiry form below, and someone from our team will contact you soon.

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Residence Amenities

  • Panoramic ocean views
  • 2,054–2,594 square feet of indoor/outdoor living space
  • Dual master suites
  • Terraces off the great room and bedrooms
  • A fully equipped gourmet kitchen
  • Whirlpool spa on the veranda
  • Oversized bathrooms with large glass rain showers and sumptuous footed tubs
  • Luxurious bedding and linens

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Property Highlights

  • Infinity-edge pool and jetted spa
  • Poolside food and beverage service
  • Owner's lounge with pool table and bar
  • Fitness center
  • Rooftop putting green
  • Pre-arranged airport transportation
  • Discounted golf membership at Port Royal
  • Concierge, bellmen, and housekeeping service
  • Owner storage
  • Pre-arrival grocery shopping
  • Multiple fire pits
  • Direct access to The Reefs’ secluded beach

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Current Listings

2-Bedroom Listings:

  • Price Range $160,000 - $180,000*

3-Bedroom Listings:

  • None available at this time

*Inquire about reserved vacations for this year with each listing. Prices and reserved vacations are subject to change without notice.

Questions About Ownership

What is The Reefs Club?

The Reefs Club is a private, member-owned, residence club comprised of elegant two- and three-bedroom residences in the heart of Southampton, Bermuda. The Club has an enviable oceanfront location and is designed to offer owners a variety of amenities and services and ensure hassle-free vacations.

What are the advantages of Equity Residence Club ownership?

Club Ownership provides Owners with:

  • Ample and flexible usage of an entire category of similar vacation home residences
  • Ownership at a fraction of the cost of comparable traditional ownership properties
  • The hospitality services and additional amenities of The Reefs Hotel and Resort
  • Ownership and enjoyment without the customary hassles of owning and maintaining a vacation home
  • Opportunities to vacation at other desirable beach, ski, golf, mountain and urban destinations throughout the world via The Elite Alliance and THIRDHOME – all without having to pay rent, and

A legacy, full-service vacation home for future generations

If I purchase at the Club, do I own real estate?

Yes. Ownership is evidenced by a real estate deed. Each Club owner is conveyed a 1/10 undivided, deeded interest in one of the Club's fully furnished residences, and has flexible access to all residences within their residence category (two- or three-bedroom). Like other real estate, ownership may be sold, willed, or transferred at any time.

Is the Reefs Club a timeshare development?

No. The Club offers real estate ownership and is enjoyed much like a private equity golf country club. Timesharing typically provides "points" or the right to use only a specific week and lodging is limited to a specific unit. Club owners have access to all Club residences of their ownership category (two- or three-bedrooms) with flexible usage, subject to reservation procedures and availability.

Have other residence clubs been developed at other prestigious resorts?

Yes. This ownership concept has been enthusiastically embraced by affluent buyers at premier resorts locations such as Aspen, Vail, Telluride, and Steamboat Springs, Colorado; Deer Valley, Utah; Napa Valley and Lake Tahoe, California; New York City; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; and Florence, Italy. Each of these residence clubs is owned and operated much like The Reefs Club. Similar residence clubs are in development in a variety of other prestigious beach, golf, mountain, and urban destinations.

How many ownerships are there at the Reefs Club?

The Reefs Club offers only ten ownerships for each Club residence. There are a total of 19 residences, and therefore 190 owners.  

As an owner, how often may I vacation at my Club?

As often as you wish, subject only to the Club's reservation procedures and Bermuda government policy. As a Club owner, you have the flexibility of reserving vacations well in advance, as well as booking on a space-available and short-notice basis. If some owners visit their Club less often, other owners can visit more often. You pay only the published daily fees and gratuity anytime you vacation at your Club.

What if the number of owners wishing to stay exceeds the number of available residences?

The Club is designed to equitably allocate peak period planned and space-available vacations when demand for lodging may exceed supply. A Rotating Priority System ensures all owners will have equal access to the peak-period planned vacations over the years. This system has proved fair and equitable for the 20-plus years residence clubs have been in operation.

How do owners reserve Club lodging?

The Reefs Club reservation policies allow owners to reserve visits well in advance (Planned Vacations), while also accommodating Space-Available and Short-Notice vacations subject only to the reservations procedures.  The Club Manager and/or Concierge will happily assist you with availability inquiries and booking each visit in a seamless and a easy manner.

Will Club owners always stay in the same residence?

No. To provide greater flexibility and availability, owners have equal access to all Club residences of their residence category (two- or three-bedrooms). Special requests will be granted when possible.

Can Club owners reserve more than one residence during the same period?

Yes. Because Club owners are not restricted to a particular residence, they can reserve more than one residence at any given time, if sufficient residences are available and they adhere to reservation policies.

Do owners pay any lodging charges when they stay at their Club?

There is no nightly room rate for owners.  They do pay for housekeeping, gratuities, and any additional requested services, such as food & beverage or spa treatments, for example.

Do Club owners have guest privileges?

Yes. Owners may invite guests to stay with them during their vacations and they may also invite unaccompanied guests to use any of their Planned Vacations.

Do owners pay annual fees?

Yes. Club owners pay annual fees for the professional management, operation, and maintenance of all Club residences and facilities. These fees are significantly lower and are more comprehensive than those of a wholly-owned vacation home. Included in these annual fees are funds for property taxes, insurance, utilities, administrative salaries, supplies, maintenance, trash removal, legal/accounting fees, transportation, and reserves for the replacement and/or refurbishing of Club facilities. Please see the Financial Information sheet for current annual fees.

Who establishes the fees of the Club?

The Manager establishes an annual budget in accordance with the Management Agreement. The Deed of Conveyance includes limitations on future fee increases without the affirmative vote of a majority of the Club owners.

What is the quality of construction, furniture, and accessories at the Club?

Construction is of the highest quality and is comparable to other luxury Bermuda vacation residences. Vision Design of Dallas, Texas ensured that each residence is beautifully furnished and sophisticated.

Is The Reefs Club open to the public?

The Club is operated for the exclusive use and benefit of the owners and their guests. Club guests have access to all hotel facilities but Club facilities are not accessible by hotel guests.

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