To our Reefs Guests,

Our team here is looking forward to giving you a well deserved break and having you experience our beautiful resort, amazing beach and our renowned Bermudian hospitality.

For all visitors coming from overseas, we ask you to be aware of the current arrival requirements for entry into Bermuda, including the pre flight test and travel authorization process. All entry and on island requirements can be found at the following link, which is updated as the Government makes modifications: Bermuda is Open - What to Know Now // Go To Bermuda. In particular, we ask that you pay close attention to the difference in protocols between immunized and non-immunized travelers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions on these procedures. Our guests that stayed with us over the fall all said that the government testing procedures were very well run and gave them a high level of comfort that they could relax and vacation with peace of mind.

We have also put together detailed information as to our safety protocols, cleaning practices and procedures for all of our guests while they are staying with us. They can be found and downloaded by clicking on the following link: Safety Protocols. Copies will be available at the front desk should any guest wish.

These protocols have been put into place to provide as much protection to all of our guests and staff as possible. We ask that all guests read through and adhere to these protocols, including wearing of face masks when in close proximity to other guests and staff, and adhering to social distancing practices. Most importantly, when in doubt, please ask our team members for any clarifications.

We appreciate your understanding of our new protocols and procedures, as we adapt to a new world, given the current climate. What you won’t have to adapt to is in any reduction in the experience you get when visiting The Reefs – our pledge to give a unique and memorable experience with us has never changed.

Our motto has always been “Feel Perfectly at Ease”. Never has this motto been more important in our desire to help you escape to our island home and experience the warmth and genuine hospitality of our amazing staff.

We look forward to seeing you at The Reefs!


David Sr., David Jr. and Jennifer Dodwell


Travel Details and Hotel Safety Protocols
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