Top 5 Tips for Completely Switching Off During Your Spa Service

Taking time out for yourself is not always easy; often you are coming to the spa from another appointment, running errands or possibly work. Typically en route to the spa your mind will be buzzing with all the things you need to do or didn’t do, you could be stressed because you are racing to make it to your appointment on time ….. We know how it goes, but we want you to leave all of that at the door and surrender to the serenity of La Serena. To help you get the most of your time at the spa try our top 5 tips to relaxing at the spa.

  1. Try to arrive prior to your appointment start time – it is always better to breeze in and have time to comfortably change and unwind prior to your service. But on the other hand we know life happens and you may well be pacing to get to us, don’t stress if you are late! Breathe! We will always strive to give you as much time as possible you need to let it go and follow tip no. 2
  2. Leave everything at the door – when you step into the spa make a conscious decision to leave everything on your mind at the door, enter the spa with clarity. In your decision tell yourself that this is not the time to have thoughts of what you need to, should or could do overcrowd your mind and distract you from relaxing and enjoying. A little spa mantra won’t hurt. Make up your own and repeat it in your mind on the way to your appointment such as “I will choose to clear my mind, relax and enjoy peace during this time I am taking for myself”.
  3. Breathe – at the beginning of your service your therapist is going to guide you through some abdominal breathing, take that time to breathe slowly inhale through your nose embrace the power of feeding your body with oxygen allow your mind to focus on fueling your body with positivity, fully exhale and release any negativity, tension and stress. Continue to be aware of your breath. Deep breathing calms the mind and body.
  4. Allow your thoughts to drift away like clouds – sometimes the most difficult part of trying to relax it to quiet your mind. Allow your thoughts to come and go; on your inhale imagine your thought is a cloud, smile, in your mind thank that thought for appearing and release it with your exhale to move on and away.   Right now in you treatment is not the time to address your thoughts, your mind needs to relax as much as your body does.
  5. Leave some time to spare – before you jet out back to reality take some time to yourself, savor every moment of total relaxation. Replenish your body with some water, sip on a hot tea, admire the view and watch the ocean go by.
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