Top 5 Reasons to Plan a Fall Trip to Bermuda

Have you thought about planning a fall trip to Bermuda? Though we are strong advocates of endless summers, the feeling of fall has finally sunk in and it's a truly wonderful time of year to be in Bermuda. If you haven't started planning your end of year trip the Bermuda and The Reefs, perhaps you should! Consider these top 5 reasons why it's a great time to visit the island.


  • November is the beginning of the island's winter season, making airfare, hotel rates and even some island activities more affordable.


  • Temperatures are still plenty warm, averaging in the mid-to-low 70's during the day and the mid-to-low 60's at night. Water temperatures are also reasonably warm, typically staying in the 70s.
  • After an eventful October, hurricane season is over. Even better, November and December are two of the least rainy months on the island..


  • November is one of the best times to sail to the island from the U.S. - the weather and water make it a prime month to plan your sailing trip from the East Coast.


  • Golfing - The temperature is perfect for a day on the golf course
  • Fishing - In Bermuda, you can fish year-round. Even in November and December, these top sport fish can be found biting at your line: Blue Marlin, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Bonefish and Hogfish are just a few of the fish making Bermuda an angler's dream.
  • Sightseeing - It's still plenty warm enough for you to enjoy exploring the island's many attractions and feel the sea breeze while you're dining outside.[U2]
  • Privacy - The island is quieter this time of year and less crowded making it feel as if it just belongs to you. With school in session, it's the perfect time to plan your private romantic getaway.

And Last But Not Least - Visiting The Reefs Resort & Club

  • This year, dining at The Reefs is available all season long!
  • You'll get some of our best rates during this season, making it easier for you to plan a last minute trip.

Check out these specials and book your trip!

We can't wait to spend the next few months with you.

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