The World Heritage Centre of St. George’s

For such a tiny country, Bermuda boasts a lot of history and, with that, many venues devoted to bringing that history to the public. Visitors to the parish and town of St. George’s will especially enjoy the World Heritage Centre. Located at the center of the town, the WHC uses cutting-edge arts technology, re-enactments of significant past events, panel discussions, and lectures to create an interactive learning experience for those interested in discovering more about what makes St. George’s unique. On the ground floor of the building you’ll discover exhibits on Bermuda’s early forts, the island’s ties to colonial Jamestown, the infamous “Sea Venture” wreck, and more. The upstairs exhibition rooms showcase Bermuda-related artwork by famed early 20th-century Anglo-Belgian artist Émile Verpilleux as well as Bermuda’s own Christopher Grimes, who continues to produce oil and watercolor paintings celebrated the world over. Finally, you’ll be invited to relax in the cool intimacy of the WHC’s theater for a screening of the short film “A Stroll through St. George’s.”

Address: Penno's Wharf, Bermuda

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