national museum of bermuda

The History of Bermuda

It is often said that great things come in tiny packages, and when it comes to the history of our tiny island nation, that couldn’t be more true. Venture over to what was once the Royal Navy Dockyard, and you’ll discover over 500 years of island history packed into the National Museum of Bermuda. This world-class museum utilizes a wide array of media to bring the fascinating story of our island’s development to life. You’ll learn about Bermuda’s role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade and, more recently, the two World Wars. Graham Foster’s magnificent mural provides a sometimes whimsical, sometimes ominous visual narrative of Bermuda’s history, and artifacts dredged up from the depths of the sea give keen insight into the birth of Bermuda as a British colony in the 17th century. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to wander the grounds of the Royal Navy Dockyard’s old fortress Keep, where the museum now stands.

Address: The Keep, Maritime Ln, MA 01, Bermuda

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