To Market, to Market: The Arts and Crafts of Bermuda

Founded thirty years ago by island authorities to preserve Bermuda’s rich artisanal culture, the Bermuda Craft Market offers visitors a stunning array of unique handcrafted goods fashioned by artists whose skills have been passed down through generations. The market itself is located in the former cooperage building (a cooper is a maker of casks and barrels) at the Royal Naval Dockyard. While the handmade barrels that adorn the scene are there only to commemorate the site’s original purpose, countless other items are available for purchase, including paintings, sculptures, ceramic art, books, clothing, jewelry, banana-leaf dolls, glassware, china, candles, tea sets, jellies, jams, honey, spices, and much more. With some sixty local artists and artisans represented at the market, on any given day you can see many of them at work producing their goods by hand. During the winter months, some will even offer instruction at their craft, allowing you to partake in the process yourself.

Address: 4 Freeport Rd, Royal Navy Dockyard, Sandys, Bermuda

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