Summer Blossoms at the Bermuda Botanical Gardens

One of the many things that makes The Reefs such a great spot for your Bermuda vacation is its close proximity to the spectacular Bermuda Botanical Gardens. Head out for a leisurely stroll, and in under 15 minutes, you’ll find yourself among 36 acres of palmetto and banyan trees, hibiscus, frangipani, and an assortment of breathtaking orchids. Explore the area around North Gate to see the many succulents that abound in the garden, or saunter over to the Garden for the Sightless, where the olfactory stimuli are particularly striking and the pillars at the garden’s entrance feature a braille map (this isn’t the only such garden in the world; it was inspired by another in Birmingham, England, but that’s a bit of a swim from our resort). The best way to enjoy the Botanical Gardens, in our opinion, is with a picnic lunch in tow. When you’re ready to break from your floral explorations, you can spread a blanket on the lawn of Camden House, official home to Bermuda’s premier.

Address: 16 Point Finger Rd, DV 04, Bermuda

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