Sizzle In Style

No trip to Bermuda is complete without a stop by the world-famous Swizzle Inn, the island's oldest pub. Dating back to 1932 when it opened its doors in a 17th century roadhouse, the "Swizzle" (as it's known locally) is the birthplace of our national drink, the Rum Swizzle. A delicious rum and fruit juice cocktail, this surprisingly strong drink has become synonymous with Bermuda. It's now served in two locations, the original Swizzle Inn in Bailey's Bay and a sister spot less than a ten minute drive from The Reefs Resort, along the South Road. At either locale, you're likely to "Swizzle In, Swagger Out," as the Inn's guests have been doing for decades. In the immortal words of Bob Hope..."Rum Swizzle, it's an orange slice, a lime slice, a pineapple wedge and a cherry, all floating in 8 ounces of hangover."

Address: 87 South Rd.

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