bermuda spittal pond

Seeking Serenity At Spittal Pond

From stand-up paddleboard yoga to waterfront rock climbing to world-class golf, there are countless ways to enjoy the island. However, one of our favorite places to appreciate the unspoiled beauty of Bermuda is at the Spittal Pond Nature Reserve. Set inside Smith’s Parish, Spittal Pond is a birdwatcher’s paradise and a great escape for anyone seeking serenity in a tranquil outdoor setting.

The largest nature reserve on Bermuda, Spittal Pond is home to native and migrating birds as well as spice trees, olivewoods, and Bermuda cedar. The reserve spans 64 acres of wetlands along the South Shore with winding nature trails throughout. Highlights include the Checkerboard, a limestone formation with a distinct pattern of cracks, and Portuguese Rock, where an inscription (now replaced by a bronze casting) is thought to be the oldest evidence of humans on the island. See what other unique wildlife and rock formations you can spot at this quintessential Bermuda attraction.

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