How to Scoot Around Bermuda

Escaping to a getaway destination where you don't want to worry about transportation issues, such as renting a car and dealing with rental insurance, etc. is easy with a vacation to Bermuda. In fact, it is against the law to rent a car, or operate any four-wheel vehicle in Bermuda due to the small and narrow size of the island.

But Don't Fear, This Makes for Easy Travel

The rule against operating or renting four-wheel vehicles actually adds to the relaxed and tropical atmosphere of Bermuda. Less cars on the roads, means less traffic and less stress. Consider these alternative ways to zip around Bermuda:

Rent a Scooter

  • Bermuda's option of renting a one or two-seater scooter is a common option for most travelers. For adventurous folk, this may be the best option to see the island. You can cruise around Bermuda with a loved one at a relaxed and fun pace, the speed limit is never set above 20 mph, but just remember to scoot on the left side of the road!
  • To find a reliable scooter rental place, check out this website:


  • The easiest way to get around and see Bermuda is the option of using a taxi. Local taxi drivers are even known and pleased to offer a one or two hour tour of the island for only about $50!

Ride a Ferry

  • The main cities of Bermuda (Hamilton, St. George, Dockyard) offer a ferry service that is very convenient. Most ferries even let you take your rented scooter aboard so you can zip right off the boat to your hotel or desired destination

No matter what your transportation choices may be in Bermuda, know that you don't have to worry about the stress of traffic and automobile rentals. Be sure to kick back, relax and enjoy the charming sophistication of Bermuda by embracing the relaxed atmosphere!

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