The Sauna Improves Overall Health

Who knew that taking some time out to relax in the Sauna could be so beneficial to your overall health? Taking some time prior to your spa service to step inside the warm quiet space and close the door on the rest of the world can do much more than just raise your temperature!  Let’s start with prolonged life, reduced risk of cardiac related death and a stronger immune system. The University of Finland followed over 2,000 men over two decades and found some staggering results. Those who went in a sauna two to three times per week had a 24 percent lower risk of death; that was further increased to a 40 percent lower mortality risk for those who spent time in the sauna four to seven times a week. Furthermore, those who spent 19 minutes or more per sauna session had 52 percent less chance of cardiac death than those who spent 11 minutes or less feeling the heat! Not only will you live longer but you’ll be healthier day to day, during your time in the heat your body increases the production of white blood cells, this strengthens the immune system to fight off viruses and heal you faster in the event that you do become ill.

The heat from the sauna relaxes your muscles, increases circulation and stimulates the release of endorphins, so after soaking up some heat your body is buzzing with natural feel good chemicals that will have you glowing. With the rise in the body’s temperature your circulation starts pumping and  your body starts to sweat. The increase in circulation stimulates the body to heal which reduces aches and pains and soothes sore muscles to help recovery. Your sweat starts to cleanse your body of internal toxins, increases skin cell turn over for a radiant complexion and rid bacteria from the pores offering a great deep cleanse all round.

As if you need another reason to take some time to turn up the heat the sauna will raise your body’s temperature to stimulate your metabolism and literally burn calories while you relax and enjoy. It is said that you could burn around 300 calories in a 20 minute sauna session; this is due to the dry heat increasing your heart rate. 

With all that being said it appears that those who opt to bask in the warmth of the sauna are happier and healthier, so make sure next time you come to La Serena you take time out to relax even more.

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