Navigating Bermuda's Golf Courses

With some of the most spectacular courses in the world, Bermuda is truly a golfer's paradise. On the island of Bermuda, there are nine golf courses, giving Bermuda the most golf courses per mile than anywhere else in the world.

Our dream golf destination is less than 700 miles off the coast of North Carolina. We have the Jet Stream on our side, making sure temperatures rarely fall below 60 degrees - perfect golfing weather.

Novices and experts alike love the variety of courses available in Bermuda. While there are plenty of courses to play a casual nine, it isn't uncommon to have a 90-degree dog leg around a cove filled with boats or a limestone cliff running alongside many greens.

In addition to our course designs, there are plenty of organic challenges golfers have the opportunity to conquer that are unique to Bermuda. The Bermuda breeze can provide interesting golf games to those who are unaccustomed to windy play.

Another island attribute - water, water, everywhere! Sinking a few shots into the Atlantic is a small price to pay for the stunning setting the courses of Bermuda provide.

Lastly, our island's namesake grass, "Bermuda grass", can be "offputting" to anyone unaccustomed with the greens of Bermuda's courses. Putting against the grain of Bermuda grass makes a flat putt seem like it's an uphill put, while a side-to-side "grain" can effect how the ball breaks even when on a flat area.

Ready to conquer the courses of Bermuda? Grab your Bermuda shorts and your clubs and head to The Reefs! To book your golfing getaway, visit Staying at The Reefs? We're happy to arrange tee times and provide insight into any golf-related inquiries you may have.

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