Into the Caves

This year marks the hundredth anniversary of the discovery the Crystal and Fantasy Caves, one of Bermuda’s most popular attractions. In 1907, two boys chased their errant cricket ball down a hole in the playing field, soon realizing they’d found something astonishing: unfathomed depths, crystalline lakes, and stunning rock formations. If you’re heading out from The Reefs, we recommend you take South Road, which will afford you gorgeous views, as well as the opportunity to stop by South Shore Park on your way to the caves. Once you arrive, you’ll want to sign up for a guided tour. As you cross the underground lake on a floating pontoon, look down and you’ll be able to see clearly straight to the bottom, some fifty feet below. You’ll marvel at stalactites and soda straws glistening in the subterranean glow and for a moment feel that sense of wonder those original explorers must have felt a century ago.

Address: 8 Crystal Caves Road, Hamilton Parish, Bermuda Blue Hole Hill, Bermuda

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