History of the Reefs

Sure, you know The Reefs has been around for quite some time, and that many of our past guests have been flocking to our private pink sand beach for years; but just how much do you know about your favorite island resort hideout? Test your knowledge of all-things Reefs-related by reading our history lesson.

  • The Reefs was built around the ruins of a 1680's farmhouse at Christian Bay, Southampton and was originally owned by Marmaduke Dando.
  • When its doors first opened in 1947, The Reefs Beach Club (as it was known) was the first cabana-style beach resort in Bermuda.
  • Between the early 1970s and mid-1980s, the original cabanas were demolished and replaced by new guest accommodations and then the resort's first pool and updated dining venues were added.
  • Coconuts, The Reefs' signature and beloved beachfront dining venue was added in 1984. The construction of the deck was built around existing palm trees that are still here today. The next year, the Cliffside lanais of "H Block" was added further down the point.
  • A now popular venue for weddings, the two-tiered Caso's Point deck that juts out over the Atlantic Ocean was inaugurated in August 2000 and rebuilt in 2004.
  • A major renovation to the property began in the early 2000s, which added 11 suites, in-room entertainment and Bermuda's first freshwater infinity pool.
  • In 2007, The Reefs celebrated its 60th anniversary with the commencement of a $55 million renovation project. Over the next 2 years, The Reefs updated its dining venues, La Serena Spa, lobby, lounge bar, terrace and built the private Club Condo residences, which opened in July 2009.
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