Easter on the Island

Set this year for Sunday, April 1, Easter is just around the corner, and as in so many parts of the world, Bermuda is already preparing its Good Friday and Easter Sunday celebrations. If you’re craving a traditional island treat around this holiday, keep an eye out for our famous hot cross buns. You can purchase these sugar-slathered delectables (the "hot cross" moniker derives from the cross-shape of the icing) in just about any bakery on the island, and around Easter time, you’ll find quite a few of the homemade variety being handed out by enthusiastic locals. In addition, on Good Friday—that is, the Friday directly before Easter—we recommend heading over to Horseshoe Bay Beach, where throngs of people will be celebrating with another Easter-time island tradition: kite-flying. Bermuda kites are quite the sight, with their trailing cloth tails, bright colors, striking geometric patterns, and distinctive hum. Few activities are more relaxing or delightful on a sunny Sunday afternoon that welcomes a new spring!

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