Bermuda on the Tip of Your Tongue

How else does one follow up an unforgettable holiday season than with sleeping in late and dining to your heart’s content? Although it certainly won’t be the last, our Reefs Bermuda restaurants might tickle your tongue as the best bites of the next eleven months. You’ll discover delicious fresh takes on beachside cuisine and enticing twists on classic cocktails. Not to mention the breathtaking, one-of-a-kind views of the South Shore’s rose-colored sands.

Traveling abroad isn’t a tidy affair that’s here one day and gone the next. Create the memories that will last a lifetime over a candlelit dinner for two. Cherish the thought of the next year together with the one you love at Ocean Echo, located in the elegant comfort of your Reefs Bermuda resort. Along with the recently remodeled Coconuts, these restaurants offer a superb dining experience curated by the island’s most sought-after chefs. It all comes together with a toast and a kiss.

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