Cup Match Cricket Festival

When you think of cricket, you may picture a slow-paced, British sport watched by attentive, reverent audience goers. From July 27th to July 29th, let Bermuda change your mind with the Cup Match Eve Concert and the Cup Match Cricket Festival. It takes place at the Somerset Cricket Club, a few miles away from The Reefs, and it’s an opportunity to learn more about both cricket and Bermuda.

The Cup Match originally began as a yearly celebration of the ending of slavery in Bermuda, during which a friendly cricket game was held between residents of St. George (who you can support by wearing dark blue and light blue) and Somerset (who you can support by wearing red and blue), and which sets the precedent for the contemporary cricket tournament. So while there will be a lot of fun, there will also be a lot of self-reflection among the Cup Match’s participants.

The night before the match begins, there will be a warm-up concert with upbeat hip hop, reggae, and electronica performed by Skratch Bastid, Sanchez (notably, performing in Bermuda for the first time in twenty years), Walshy Fire (who you may recognize as a member of Major Lazer), and Beenie Man. There will be dancing for the six hours of the concert, but you may want to reserve some energy for the Cricket Festival itself.

During the cricket tournament, enjoy some fruity-tasting rum swizzle while you explore the town. Visitors to the island are also offered special seating during the game, and those sitting in this section have been known to receive free drinks in previous years. There will also be vendors selling Bermudan food throughout the event, which mean no one needs to go hungry.

This event will likely be tiring, so when it’s time to recuperate, returning to The Reefs is a good way to prepare for the next day of festivities.

Address: 6 Cricket Lane, MA 03, Bermuda

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