Crystal and Fantasy Caves

During a rousing game of cricket in 1907, two boys lost their ball down a seemingly inconspicuous hole on their playing field. Since the ball was a prized possession of the boys, they followed it and soon realized they’d stumbled across an incredible natural wonder. Further exploration by the landowner’s son using a rope and lamp from a bicycle led to even more discoveries, clear, azure blue lakes and delicate crystal formations. Since then, the cave has gone untouched though there has been some much needed accessibility upgrades.

Located just a short drive from The Reefs on the northwest part of the island, the Crystal and Fantasy Caves are now one of the island’s most famous and oft visited landmarks. We recommend making the most of the trip across the island by taxi-ing or scootering along South Road. Along the way there are countless scenic pullouts which provide some of the best views of the island and surrounding ocean and reefs. Skirting the southern edge of the island, South Road is also a great way to access some of Bermuda’s most amazing beaches, including South Shore Park.

Once you reach the caves, sign up for a guided tour which will bring you through both Crystal and Fantasy Caves, two totally unique spelunking experiences. Cross Crystal Cave’s spectacularly clear 50-foot deep lake on the floating pontoons. Look down and you’ll swear the intricate formations of the cave floor are only a few inches below the surface, a testament to the clarity of the water. Overhead, stalactites and soda straws cover the roof of the cave. Fantasy Cave offers even closer views of even more mineral deposit formations and you’ll be able to see where the caves are ever so slowly beginning to connect to the ocean beyond.

Once your day of ogling some of Bermuda’s greatest natural sights, head back to The Reefs for any number of its relaxing and delicious dining options.

Address: 8 Crystal Caves Road, Hamilton Parish, Bermuda Blue Hole Hill, Bermuda

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