Celebrating Bermuda’s History at the World Heritage Centre of St. George’s

So much of the history of the British Empire, and thus the history of the modern world, is bound up with the history of Bermuda. In the parish and town of St. George’s, the World Heritage Centre offers visitors a fascinating glimpse into our tiny island’s rich history through a range of interactive exhibits, lectures, panel discussions, re-enactments, and other innovative performances. During your visit to the WHC, you’ll learn about the important relationship between Bermuda and the Virginia colony of Jamestown, the fabled Age of Discovery, the ill-fated “Sea Venture,” and the island’s early forts. Art lovers will especially enjoy the exhibits on the museum’s upper floor, which feature Bermuda-themed pieces by acclaimed Anglo-Belgian artist Émile Verpilleux and the island’s own Christopher Grimes, whose works in oils and watercolor are celebrated from Bermuda to Bombay. The WHC is open to visitors Monday through Saturday from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.

Address: St. George's GE05, Bermuda

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