Celebrate Freedom at The Cup Match Cricket Festival

When slavery was abolished in Bermuda in 1833, celebrations included a friendly cricket match between St. George and Somerset, two teams from opposite ends of the island. Today, the annual Cup Match Cricket Festival is one of the most highly-anticipated events of the year. The rivalry between the two teams is quite fierce, but it’s all in the spirit of fun. In fact, the entire island comes together to commemorate all things Bermudan. If you’ll be around on August 2 – 3, you must see the game. You don’t even need to buy a ticket beforehand. Just show up; there will be plenty of space. Since you’re a visitor to the island, you’ll almost certainly be ushered into a special section, and you'll probably get a fair share of free libations as well. To complement the fruity rum swizzle (the holiday’s most popular beverage), we recommend a heaping helping of mussel pie, served up right at the acclaimed seafood stall of Bermuda’s own Dolly Pitcher.

Address: Somerset Cricket Club, 6 Cricket Ln., Sandys

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