By Land or by Sea: The Astonishing Animal Life of Bermuda

Do you have a soft spot for our four-legged friends? Do you marvel at birds in flight? Are you dazzled by exotic saltwater fish and the sometimes scary (but not too scary) creatures of the deep? If so, then you’re in luck. The Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo are three outstanding facilities in one, the perfect outing for any animal enthusiast vacationing on our beautiful island. Just outside the main entrance to the Bermuda Zoo, visitors are greeted by playful harbor seals and gentle green sea turtles housed in special outdoor enclosures. Once inside, you’ll encounter decorous flamingos, tropical birds of all colors, a “Local Tails” exhibit featuring animals native to Bermuda, and other exhibits devoted to creatures from far-flung corners of the world like Australia and Madagascar. The Aquarium boasts over 200 species of aquatic animals and an impressive life-size recreation of North Rock, part of the expansive Rim Reef System. At the Natural History Museum, you’ll gain a newfound appreciation for the geological and ecological change that, over many millennia, have made Bermuda the astonishing tropical paradise we know today.

Address: 40 N Shore Rd, Flatts Village, Bermuda

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