Blaze a Trail Through Hidden Bermuda

The Bermuda Tourism Authority knows a thing or two about the island’s rich cultural affairs. Their flagship Uncover the Arts caters to travelers throughout Bermuda’s winter season with a diversity of activities that are destined to entertain. Reefs Bermuda Resort is passing on the highlight for March, which is Hidden Gems of Bermuda. An eco-tours company, their mission is to give families the experience of a lifetime. Adventurous spirits are invited to uncover the island’s secret places.

Destinations long out of sight come into crystal-clear view during a Hidden Gems of Bermuda excursion. All that is required is plucked-up courage and a trusted camera when your guide is providing the essentials, including lunch. Journey through the Bermuda jungle, hear the story of the island’s dozens of fortresses, or snap a photograph of its beautifully secluded places, from nature reserves and a railway trail to sweeping panoramic views atop the highest peaks.

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