Bermuda’s Underground Wonderland

Picture this: it's a clear, sunny day, perfect for an afternoon’s outing. You and your friends are playing a rousing game of cricket (or baseball, if you’re so inclined) when suddenly the ball goes careening down a mysterious hole. You climb a few yards in to retrieve it, only to realize what you’ve found is no ordinary hole in the ground. That’s exactly what happened to Edgar Hollis and Carl Gibbons, two Bermudan boys who, over a century ago, discovered the Crystal and Fantasy Caves, one of our island’s most impressive natural attractions. The caves, which extend hundreds of feet below ground, contain stalactites and soda straws that defy simple description. These iridescent rock formations are made even more spectacular by the 55-foot-deep subterranean lake, with water so clear you can peer straight to the bottom. Regular guided tours of the caves are available—no swimming necessary either, as you’ll be seated comfortably on a floating pontoon with friendly, expert staff to help you along your journey of discovery.

 Address: 8 Crystal Caves Road, Hamilton Parish, Bermuda Blue Hole Hill, Bermuda

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