Bermuda's Art in Plain Sight

Ongoing Through October 7th

Every Sunday an inclusive group of painters, who eventually branded themselves “The Plein Air,” meet in various locations throughout Bermuda to paint beneath the North Atlantic sun, subject to the whims of the open sky. The Bermuda Arts Centre welcomes you and your family to their exhibition dedicated to the work of these traditional island artists.

Ongoing Through November 26th

Bermuda’s illustrious National Gallery, which ought to bring to mind similarly designated institutions such as the National Gallery of Art in Washington, houses an enviable collection of artwork. Three exhibitions will be on view simultaneously including a multimedia installation and significant exploration of recent developments in the visual arts.

Ongoing Through December 31st

The appropriately named Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art presents a seminal look at its permanent collection, Up Country, Down Country, which makes reference to the regional sailing language for traveling into the current or downwind of it.

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