BERMUDA QUIZ: How Well do you Know the island?

The answers are included below. Good Luck!


1.) What is the capital of Bermuda?

  • A.) St. George
  • B.) Flatt's Village
  • C.) Hamilton
  • D.) Somerset

2.) What nation first discovered Bermuda in 1503?

  • A.) England
  • B.) Spain
  • C.) Portugal
  • D.) France

3.) Bermuda is home to more __________ per square mile than anywhere in the world.

  • A.) Pools
  • B.) Caves
  • C.) Restaurants
  • D.) Golf Courses

4.) What sport is played during Bermuda's two day holiday?

  • A.) Cricket
  • B.) Soccer
  • C.) Baseball
  • D.) Rugby

5.)What is the closest landmass to Bermuda?

  • A.) Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • B.) Nova Scotia, Canada
  • C.) Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
  • D.) Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

6.) Where does Bermuda's fresh water supply come from?

  • A.) Rainwater
  • B.) Lakes
  • C.) Imported
  • D.) Filtered Ocean Water

7.) What type of restaurant is not allowed on the island?

  • A.) Drive-ins
  • B.) Fast Food
  • C.) Imported Sushi
  • D.) BBQ

8.) Local residents are only allowed one -------- per household.

  • A.) Dog
  • B.) Refrigerator
  • C.) T.V.
  • D.) Car

9.) What is the famous men's attire that Bermuda is known for?

  • A.) Blazers
  • B.) Tank Tops
  • C.) Collared Shirts
  • D.) Shorts

10.) Bermuda is the oldest remaining __________ colony.

  • A.) Spanish
  • B.) French
  • C.) British
  • D.)German


  1. C - Hamilton, since 1815.
  2. B - Spain, by Juan de Bermudez, who the island is named after
  3. D - Golf courses. There are 7-18 hole courses and 2-9 hole courses in the 20.75 square miles.
  4. A - Cricket. The Cup Match happens at the end of July, and practically shuts down the island for the two day celebration.
  5. C -  Cape Hatteras in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It is approximately 665 miles away.
  6. A - Rain water. Bermuda roofs collect rainwater into tanks stored under each house. The water undergoes a filtration process with each dwelling having their own water supply.
  7. B - Fast food chains. KFC is the only fast food chain, since they made it to the island before the ban was put into place.
  8. D - Car. The island also does not allow car rentals to visitors. Mopeds, buses, taxi's, and ferries are the way to get around.
  9. D - Bermuda Shorts. They are worn with jacket, tie and knee socks. They are quite proper in all business and social settings.
  10. C - British. The English Virginia Company founded it in 1609.

If you did well, challenge your friends and see if you can beat them! Show off your Bermuda knowledge. Next time you're in Bermuda, we hope to see you at The Reefs.

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