Bermuda: The Jewel of the Atlantic

Location is Key

Picking a tropical vacation spot can be tough and getting there can be even tougher, depending upon flight time, etc. Flights to the Caribbean from the Northeast of the US are at least 5 hours long and from Europe to the Caribbean flights are at least 8-9 hours. The great thing about Bermuda is the location; flights from the east coast of the US are only about 2 hours to Bermuda. Bermuda is located only a mere 650 miles from the coast of North Carolina, an easy tropical destination to get to no matter where you're from.

Pretty in Pink

What's a white sand beach compared to a unique and breathtaking pink sand beach? Yes, Bermuda is known for their luscious beaches composed of crushed coral, calcium carbonate and the little shells of Foraminifera. Vibrant turquoise waters pair next to Bermuda's coastline of endless pink sand beaches, providing a stunning view that can't be ignored. The Victorian style pale yellow buildings on the land add to the charm of the landscape, which is made up of 180 connected islands and is only about 21 miles long!

The Local Vibe

Walk around the town and you won't be slow to notice how friendly the locals are. It is not uncommon to be greeted with a warm "good day" or "good morning" by a stranger passing by on the street. Don't be surprised by the casualness either, you may even see businessmen walking down the charming bright streets in the infamous, "Bermuda Shorts." It won't be hard to make a friend in the land of tropical sophistication. What's not to love about Bermuda? The travel time is minimal, the views are breathtaking, and the people are notoriously inviting. Nature lovers can explore the vast and exotic gardens, wildlife sanctuaries, parks, and incredible caves while travelers looking to relax can find a peaceful spot on a beach of pink sand and fall asleep listening to the sound of the waves from the coast of endless shades of vibrant blue. It's no wonder why Bermuda really is, "The Jewel of the Atlantic".

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