Bermuda in Bloom

The Bermuda Botanical Gardens inspired the name of John Lennon’s last album, ‘Double Fantasy’ when he spotted a small freesia flower with that name in his 1980 visit. What will the beauty of Bermuda’s flora inspire in you? Stroll through thirty-six acres of native palmetto and banyan trees, colorful frangipani, hibiscus gardens and a collection of bright orchids. Near the North Gate, you will see a hillside covered in beautiful and whimsical cacti as well as other succulents, including aloe vera. We suggest taking some time to explore the Garden for the Sightless, which boasts fragrant flowers and aromatic herbs identified in Braille, for a different experience at the gardens. Make a day of this excursion and pack a picnic lunch to be had in the park near the Camden House within the gardens. Lucky for us, the Botanical Gardens are just fifteen minutes away from our resort.

Address: 16 Point Finger Rd, DV 04, Bermuda

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