cricket player hitting ball

An Emancipation Celebration at The Cup Match Cricket Festival

On Thursday, August 1, and Friday, August 2, all of Bermuda will come together for one of the most popular events of the year, The Cup Match Cricket Festival. The inaugural match was held in 1833 when St. George's and Somerset, teams from opposite extremes of the island, convened in the spirit of play to celebrate the abolition of slavery in Bermuda. Today, the festival is a celebration not simply of emancipation, but of all things Bermudan. If you’ll be staying with us on August 1 or 2, we highly recommend you check out the match. You don’t need a ticket. There’s room for all, so just show up ready to have a good time. As a visitor, you’ll probably be directed to a special section with optimal views. You’ll almost certainly receive free drinks as well. The most popular festival beverage is the fruity rum swizzle. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, we suggest stopping by the Dolly Pitcher seafood stall and ordering a plate of mussel pie.

Address: St. George’s Cricket Club, 56 Wellington Slip Rd, St. George’s

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