Visit Bermuda - 3 Reasons to Soak Up Bermuda's Spring Sun

1. Bermuda Adventure

Vacations should be an adventure, and what better way to get your adrenaline pumping than with a dive from the side of a cliff into the clear blue waters of Bermuda? Find everything you need to know about safe Bermuda cliff diving from Bermuda Tourism. Less extreme, but equally fun, ideas for Bermuda adventure include renting scooters right across the street from The Reefs at Oleander Cycles, complimentary stand-up paddle boarding on The Reefs' private beach, and more.

2. Stay at The Reefs' Club Condos

If you're looking for an off-the-grid feel but still stay in the lap of luxury at an award-winning resort, our amazing private vacation condos at The Reefs Resort & Club give you a sense of being at home without sacrificing your slice of Bermuda paradise. Seclude yourself with your friends and family in our fully-equipped Club Condos, all of which have stunning views of the ocean from each and every room. Wake up any spring morning to a view that says, "Bermuda awaits." Next time you visit Bermuda, don't forget to check out our Club Condos!

3. It's Happy!

Enjoying Bermuda in the spring is sure to make you as happy as Pharrell Williams after releasing his new single. You may be tempted to dance across the island like the Bermudians in this video! If you're ready to visit Bermuda and The Reefs Resort & Club, visit our reservations or specials page to start planning your vacation. Bermuda sunrises, cliff jumps, and pure happiness await!

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