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QUIZ: How Well do you Know Bermuda?

Think you’re an island whiz? Want to test out your knowledge? We have crafted a quick 10-question quiz for you to put your Bermuda knowledge to the test.

The answers are included below. Good Luck!


1.) What is the capital of Bermuda?

A.) St. George B.) Flatt’s Village C.) Hamilton D.) Somerset

2.) What nation first discovered Bermuda in 1503?

A.) England B.) Spain C.) Portugal D.) France

3.) Bermuda is home to more __________ per square mile than anywhere in the world.

A.) Pools B.) Caves C.) Restaurants D.) Golf Courses

4.) What sport is played during Bermuda’s two day holiday?

A.) Cricket B.) Soccer C.) Baseball D.) Rugby

5.) What is the closest landmass to Bermuda?

A.) Virginia Beach, Virginia B.) Nova Scotia, Canada C.) Cape Hatteras, North Carolina D.) Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

6.) Where does Bermuda’s fresh water supply come from?

A.) Rainwater B.) Lakes C.) Imported D.) Filtered Ocean Water

7.) What type of restaurant is not allowed on the island?

A.) Drive-ins B.) Fast Food C.) Imported Sushi D.) BBQ

8.) Local residents are …

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The Reefs’ Father’s Day Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift for Dad can be difficult.  Fear not! For there is a plethora of perfect things for your dad right near The Reefs Resort & Club. Here are just a few suggestions to help make your Father’s Day in Bermuda extra special.

Vineyard Vines:

With a variety of pastel colored shorts, shirts and more, Vineyard Vines has everything you’ll need to help your dad fall into the Bermuda style.  From the Race Stripe Shep Shirt for those cool nights to the Palm Waves Chappy Trunks for relaxing at the beach, Vineyard Vines has what you need. And for a limited time, you get a free tie with purchases over $300!


Turtle Hill Golf Club:

Hardly a minute down the road from The Reefs, you’ll find the Turtle Hill Golf Club. Ranked one of the top five par 3 courses in the …

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Best Bermuda Hotel – The Reefs

Source: Authentic Luxury Travel

By: Elizabeth Hansen

Best Bermuda Hotel? I think it’s The Reefs Resort & Club on the south side of the main island (see map below). This beautiful family-owned resort is geographically not far from the Fairmont Southhampton – but a world away in terms of amosphere.

At The Reefs, we couldn’t stop staring at the beautiful beach just steps away and loved snorkeling over the coral reefs close teeming with sealife to shore. Other reasons I think this is the best Bermuda hotel? Afternoon tea and pre-dinner cocktails served on a clifftop overlooking the turquoise ocean and the dreamy treats in the hotel’s Serena Spa.

My husband and I stayed at The Reefs on our second trip to Bermuda. The first time we stayed at a hotel in Hamilton. This meant we had to take taxis to the various beaches and historic sites because there are no rental cars on the island. Because I didn’t like feeling like a tourist, it was not a happy time.

On our second trip we stay at the best Bermuda hotel, relaxed at the beach, snorkeled every day, kayaked, and took one private taxi tour …

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