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Some people call Bermuda the "Jewel of the Atlantic." And no wonder. A ring of turquoise-colored water provides a dramatic setting for pink sand beaches and limestone cliffs. Warmed by the sun and the Gulf Stream, the atmosphere is blissfully free of tropical heat.

Our people and culture offer a rich, diverse blend of influences from West Africa and West Indies slave ancestors, English colonialists, Irish rovers and Portuguese seafarers. It all started with a Spanish sea captain, Juan de Bermúdez, who discovered the island in 1505 and for whom the island is named.

Bermuda's people are warm and friendly, with an abiding respect for proper manners. This helps explain the island's namesake Bermuda shorts, which are a concession to warm weather, but are never sloppy and must, by law, be no shorter than six inches above the wearer's knee.

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